How to setup Rsync as an NT Service

BOLLERUD,CHRIS W (HP-MountainView,ex1) chris_bollerud at
Thu Nov 22 10:23:30 EST 2001

For a recent project I needed to run Rsync as a service on Windows NT.  The
following is a link to the instructions I created to recreate my steps.

The "no-fork" patch used here is very similar to the "no-detach" option
mentioned in many previous posts.  I wish I could take credit for it, but I
basically put pieces together from previous posts and web searches.  We are
pushing about 80,000 files to multiple Rsync servers with about 100M of
updates a day.  Other than the initial filescan, which takes some time, the
updates have been working very well.

I've recently tried compiling under the latest version of Cygwin and have
been having some trouble.  It would appear that Cygwin has changed slightly
such that the configure script does not correctly identify all the settings.
If anyone has any insight to this please post the solution.

Chris Bollerud
Software Engineer
Hewlett Packard

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