Bandwidth Limits

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Tue Nov 20 11:45:26 EST 2001

Try this commandline:
rsync -avz -e ssh --bwlimit=64 localfiles.tar.gz 
user at remote:/path/to/file/arch
That should average out to use only about 1/2 of your bandwidth.  You will 
find periods where it uses all of it, and periods where it uses none, but 
on average, it will use only as many kbps as you permit it on the cmdline 
.I notice that your example didn't actually use the --bwlimit parameter. 
rsync doesn't do any kind of adaptive logic to determine how much 
bandwidth it should use... it just takes everything it can, either up to 
actual bandwidth limits, the bwlimit parameter, or how fast it can put 
together and recieve the stream.

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Has anyone noticed that the --bwlimit doesn't really work?

I have MRTG stats happening, and on a 128Kbps circuit, an rsync
with the following syntax takes up the whole line.

$ rsync -avz -e ssh localfiles.tar.gz user at remote:/path/to/file/arch

Any ideas? It's on an OpenBSD box going to a  FreeBSD box. Both are 


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