Is anybody else gettting these?

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Tue Nov 20 07:33:41 EST 2001

Shoot.  I had no idea this stupid mail system was doing that.  I hate 
lotus almost as much as i do microsoft.  anyway, i'll make a point of at 
least setting an extralarge font, for those whose clients try to render 
this stupid html stuff.  Again, i'm sorry to take the list off topic. Poor 
judgement on my part, and it won't happen again, and if i CAN get this 
danged thing to stop formatting my mail, i will.

Tim Conway
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Rusty Carruth wrote:
> Chill, everyone!  I hate html email as much as the next person,
> (maybe more so ;-) 


> Besides, I see Tim's email just fine.  No weird stuff in it at all...

Just for the record, seeing the wierd stuff (the HTML markup tags) is
not the only problem -- for me, most HTML mail comes through in a very
small font that is unreadable.  (I can read it by doing a view source or
something like that, if it seems interesting enough.)

(Tim's mail is coming through with this very small font.)

Randy Kramer

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