modules madness / ssh regardless of daemon

Brian Clark brianj at
Tue Nov 20 05:50:47 EST 2001

Hi Tim,

@ 1:40:43 PM on 11/19/2001, tim.conway at wrote:

tcpc> -e ssh is for external transport. So is the single colon syntax
tcpc> (defiance:auth) Use this cmdline: rsync -avz defiance::auth

OK, I should have mentioned this earlier, and I forgot. I don't have
rsh on [either] system because I've been told over and over that it's
insecure (or was that something else?). Anyway, I think that's before
my time, or maybe not. All I've ever know are telnet, then ssh, so
that's what I immediately stuck to when rsync.

I'm now wondering how I'm going to mirror anything unattended without
having a valid ssh login/password in a file some where. On top of
that, -e ssh renders rsyncd.conf useless (hosts access, auth users,
etc.). :-\

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