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Brian Clark brianj at
Tue Nov 20 05:33:57 EST 2001

@ 1:21:25 PM on 11/19/2001, M. Drew Streib wrote:

>> And it works. But this next part I don't understand.. I kill the rsync
>> daemon on the remote host, then I try the above command line again on
>> the local host and it works!? Say what?! By using ssh does it bypass
>> the remote daemon altogether?

MDS> Yes. When ssh is used, sshd receives the connection, and rsync remote
MDS> executes rsync on the server, using permissions it recieved via 
MDS> ssh.

OK, good, so I'm not crazy. :-) So to use ssh is actually better? What
do you mean by "rsync remote executes rsync on the server" when rsync
isn't running in daemon mode on the remote side?

>> It's like it's not reading /etc/rsyncd.conf -- I just don't get it.

MDS> It isn't. When using ssh, just handle access in the same way
MDS> you'd normally handle ssh access.

ACK. Is there any FAQ somewhere that explains good candidates for what
causes the "is your shell clean" error when using ssh (if that

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