rename file1 -> file2: No such file or directory

Thomas Schweikle tschweikle at
Tue Nov 20 02:51:26 EST 2001


willem <realother at> on 19.11.2001 14:26:06

An:   "rsync at" <rsync at>
Thema:    rename file1 -> file2: No such file or   directory

> I'm rsyncing from an linux box to a win2k box with a
> precompiled version of rsync for win2k. durring the
> procces he gives me a lotte of the following
> errors (with different filenames):
> rename realother/Maildir/cur/\
>  .1005882149.8001_0.nyx.wildape,S=3080:2,.001002 -> \
>  realother/Maildir/cur/1005882149.8001_0.nyx.wildape,\
>  S=3080:2, : No such file or directory
> I user the command:
> rsync -cru pietje at host1:/rcd/ /lcd
> any Ideas what is the problem?

Case retensive filesystem on w2k, case sensitive filesystem on Linux. rsync
compares case sensitive. But names may be delivered all lower or upper case
from Linux.

Other possibility: rysnc tries to rename an open file --- disallowed by
w2k, since file handles depend on filenames, not nodenumbers as is the case
for Linux.

Third possibility: rsync tries to rename a file with an already existing
name (think this is the case here). W2k does not permit this. In this case
the error should read "File name xyz already exists.".


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