read error: Connection reset by peer

Thomas Lambert thomas at
Sat Nov 17 09:22:44 EST 2001

This is just a wild A** guess, but in your rsyncd.conf did you try to put:

OR maybe try (on your aix):
 rsync -v nkapoor at testor::cygdrive/c/Temp/pix.log .
 rsync -v nkapoor at testor::/cygdrive/c/Temp/pix.log .

(I don't know if you need the first "/" after testor)

cygdrive is a builtin prefix for drives.

There might also be a problem with the permission checking on your AIX
machine (where you are trying to save it)  There is an option for rsync that
has something to do with permissions, but ???

Like I said, this is just a wild guess.  I am pretty new to rsync, but did
get it working finally going from an NT to a Linux box (nt running rsync
client with ssh to linux)

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Sent: Friday, November 16, 2001 4:02 PM
Subject: read error: Connection reset by peer

> Hello,
> This is my third posting in a day ! Many thanks to Tim Conway for
> responding to my first one. However, since I am hard pressed against
> time, I have been trying everything from the docs to get it to work but
> looks like, I might take forever unless some expert help comes in. So
> please, help if you can. Thanks.
> I am trying to copy a file from testor/source to admx/destination. Here
> is the setup:
> ----------------------------
> testor - WinNT machine - the source - running rsync V 2.4.6 as daemon
> admx - AIX machine - the destination - running rsynv 2.3.1 protocol
> version 20, as client
> mm1x - AIX machine - another source - running rsync 2.3.1  protocol
> version 20, as daemon
> ------------------------------------
> admx::nkapoor> rsync -v nkapoor at testor::cdrive/Temp/pix.log .
> Password:
> (password authentication seems to go through fine)
> read error: Connection reset by peer
> ------------------------------------
> c:\Rsync\rsyncd.conf on testor has
> [cdrive]
>   path = c:
> ------------------------------------
> The same setup works fine if I have another AIX machine in place of
> testor as the source.
> admx::nkapoor> rsync -v nkapoor at mm1x::
> Sync_Data      Directory for rsyncd server (/home/sync_data)
> ------------------------------------
> Your kind help will be greatly appreciated.
> Nishi

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