read error: Connection reset by peer

Kapoor, Nishikant X Nishikant.X.Kapoor at
Sat Nov 17 08:02:07 EST 2001


This is my third posting in a day ! Many thanks to Tim Conway for
responding to my first one. However, since I am hard pressed against
time, I have been trying everything from the docs to get it to work but
looks like, I might take forever unless some expert help comes in. So
please, help if you can. Thanks.

I am trying to copy a file from testor/source to admx/destination. Here
is the setup:
testor - WinNT machine - the source - running rsync V 2.4.6 as daemon
admx - AIX machine - the destination - running rsynv 2.3.1 protocol
version 20, as client
mm1x - AIX machine - another source - running rsync 2.3.1  protocol
version 20, as daemon
admx::nkapoor> rsync -v nkapoor at testor::cdrive/Temp/pix.log .
(password authentication seems to go through fine)
read error: Connection reset by peer
c:\Rsync\rsyncd.conf on testor has
  path = c:
The same setup works fine if I have another AIX machine in place of
testor as the source.
admx::nkapoor> rsync -v nkapoor at mm1x::
Sync_Data      Directory for rsyncd server (/home/sync_data)

Your kind help will be greatly appreciated.

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