include/exclude directory question

Dave Madole dmadole at
Fri Nov 16 11:38:26 EST 2001

I want to send a subset of directories sepcified in "include" arguments
to a client, but I am creating all the
peer and parent directories as well, although they are empty - here is
basically what I'm doing.

assuming I have /staging/upgrade/dir1, /staging/upgrade/dir2 and
/staging/upgrade/dir3 on the source tree.

--include "*/" -include upgrade/dir1/** -include upgrade/dir3/**
-exclude "*" /staging/* /

what I get on the client is

/upgrade/dir2 (an empty directory)

How can I get rsync to filter out and stop creating the empty dir2
directory without specifucally excluding it?

I've looked through about a years worth of past postings with likely
looking subject lines but can't
find the answer.


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