Secure connection to testor refused !

Kapoor, Nishikant X Nishikant.X.Kapoor at
Fri Nov 16 09:09:54 EST 2001

Here is a newbie question. Hope, you will not mind.

I am trying to backup a file from my NT machine onto AIX machine. Here
is the setup:

NT machine (testor): rsync is in c:\Rsync\rsync.exe and is running as a
daemon. (I created a service for Rsync first).

AIX machine (admx): rsync -v
rsync version 2.3.1 Copyright Andrew Tridgell and Paul Mackerras
admx::nkapoor> telnet testor 873
Connected to testor.
Escape character is '^]'.

So, the rsync daemon seems fine on testor but the problem occurs when I
try this:

admx::nkapoor> rsync -v -e ssh --rsync-path=c:/rsync/rsync.exe
guest at testor:"c:/Temp/pix.log" .                       
Secure connection to testor refused.
unexpected EOF in read_timeout

I have checked that 'guest' is a valid user on testor. Could someone
please help me understand what could be the problem here ?


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