my rsyncs *do* exit, if I don't use -v

Eric Whiting ewhiting at
Thu Nov 15 14:25:17 EST 2001

What is holding up 2.4.7? 

2.4.6 frequently has these hang problems that are fixed in the cvs tree.
But linux distros keep shipping 2.4.6 and users keep having troubles. I
think we need to release a rsync 2.4.7.


Jessica Koeppel wrote:
> If I use -v or -vv, the rsyncs will hang forever (or at least a few
> days, I haven't let them run any longer than that so I'm nto sure if they'd
> eventually exit on their own or not).
> The information on rsync and OS version was sent in my previous email.
> For now i'm just going to run without -v, as I need to get this going
> and don't have time to get intimately involved with rsync. But if
> someone's heard of this before and/or is working on this bug (i assume
> it's a bug?), and you need mroe info from me, let me know if there's
> anything I can do.
> --jessica

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