rsync: Re: using rsync to backup windows workstations

Ben Ricker bricker at
Thu Nov 15 07:47:42 EST 2001

On Wed, 2001-11-14 at 14:35, Thomas Lambert wrote:
> I thought just a straight rsync daemon was unsecure.  I am sending data from
> remote dial-up sites, through the internet to my server.  That is why I am
> using ssh (well trying to use it).  If this was just for my internal
> network, then YES, I would probably just use the daemon.  One other problem
> is that they are dial-up, so each time they connect to the internet, they
> get a new IP.

You are right: Rsync as a daemon in your environment would be less
secure than ssh.

> I tried just doing "ssh linuxbox username -a" and I was asked for a
> password. So I changed PasswordAuthentication to "no" in my sshd_config file
> on the server. Restarted sshd and now I am getting permission denied. I did
> copy the contents of my,, to
> authorized_keys on the server.  I'm going to read some more on ssh, but if
> anyone knows a quick fix, let me know.

There are two: make sure the is in authorized_keys2 if you
just use '-e ssh' as an option for rsync, this automagically uses ssh
version 2, so you need the '2' you keys file. 'authorized_keys' is for
ssh 1. You can change the -e option to "-e 'ssh 1'" to use
auhtorized_keys (I believe that is the command line; I got ssh 1 doing
authentication but I switched to 2 because it is much more secure).

Ben Ricker
System Administrator

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