using rsync to backup windows workstations

Rusty Carruth rcarruth at
Thu Nov 15 02:22:58 EST 2001

"Thomas Lambert" <thomas at> wrote:
> I have about 12 NT servers that I want to backup 1 directory to my Linux
> Server.  The problem I am having is trying to get it not to ask for the
> user's password.  I am trying to use ssh.  I just installed the latest
> cygwin on my NT server (1.3.4).  Rsync is 2.4.6.  What I have tried was on
> the NT machine, I ran ssh-keygen (no passphrase) and then added the
> to the Linux box in the /home/thomas/.ssh/authorized_keys.
> When I run:
> rsync -uv -e ssh *.* thomas at linuxbox:backup/
> it asks for a password.  

Well, first dumb question - are the versions of ssh the same?
Is the sshd set up to allow null passwords during login?
Also, I *think* you'll need 'RSAAuthentication yes'.
(I also have PasswordAuthentication yes, PermitEmptyPasswords no
Really dumb question - whats the permisison on authorized_keys?
(Mine is 644)
My authorized_keys file has, at the end, 'rcarruth at msfree', which
is the userid and machine from which I do ssh stuff to the machine
that allows it (with no password, see, it really does work:
rcarruth at msfree> scp rusty at foo:/home/rusty/sap\* /export/home/oodclass.etc
saphhire-supper-001.jpg     100% |********************************************************************************************************************|   408 KB    00:01    
But this is from a Solaris machine (msfree) to a linux machine (foo).
I don't know if that matters, but it might.

> Besides asking for the password, it works fine.
> Only the files changed are updated and it is FAST! I saw the ssh-agent.  Do
> I need to use it? 

maybe, but lets see if you can get away without it first.

First, let me say that I don't know much (anything?) about cygwin.  But
I don't think that's the problem anyway, so I'll stick my foot in my mouth
and proceed ;-)

> and how?  Is there something I need to do on my Linux
> server?
>   I am pretty new to Linux, and have a long way to go to be an
> "expert", but I can get around.

Don't worry about it, an expert is just a drip under pressure anyway ;-)


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