using rsync to backup windows workstations

David Starks-Browning starksb at
Wed Nov 14 22:54:50 EST 2001

On Wednesday 14 Nov 01, Robert Scholten writes:
> Hi David, et al,
> My version of rsync required just a few files, which easily fit on a
> floppy, and all of which went into a single directory on the
> destination machine.  This was appreciated by many of my colleagues
> that just wanted their machine backed up efficiently.

I don't think anyone will come knocking on your door with handcuffs if
you're making floppies for your colleagues.  But when it's available
for public consumption there are additional factors:

1.  The GPL is the GPL.  You can complain, but there it is.  Sorry.

2.  Cygwin behaves badly if there is more than one version of the
    cygwin DLL on your system.  By distributing one and advising it
    goes in its own "rsync" directory, you create problems for them
    (and the Cygwin support mailing list) should they ever wish to use
    Cygwin for *anything* else but your own rsync distribution.  You
    can support that (potential) problem for your colleagues, but who
    supports it for everyone else?

That's my assessment, anyway.


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