Ptoblem for update 2.4.1 -> 2.4.6

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Wed Nov 14 04:29:22 EST 2001

The bind mentioned in the second line refers not to Berkely Internet Name 
Domain, but to socket binding.  I suspect that your old daemon is still 
ps ax |grep rsync will show it if that's it.
Alternately, if you were running the daemon from inetd, you'll just need 
to make rsync available at the location pointed to by /etc/inetd.conf... 
inetd will be holding port 873, so you won't be able to start --daemon 
without reconfiguring inetd.
One other possibility.  port 873 >1025, so if you're not root, you can't 
bind to that port.

List:  did i miss anything?

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Eugene Frolenkov <abyhan at>
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11/13/2001 02:41 AM
Please respond to abyhan

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        Subject:        Ptoblem for update 2.4.1 -> 2.4.6

After installing nevest version of sync 2.4.6 from 2.4.1,

sync --daemon  wrote to logfile:

2001/11/13 12:27:46 [12261] rsyncd version 2.4.6 starting
2001/11/13 12:27:46 [12261] bind failed on port 873
2001/11/13 12:27:46 [12261] transfer interrupted (code 10) at

sync 2.4.1 worked normally...

My question:   Where i can find "WATHSNEW" or "CHANGES" documentations
any versions of rsync? Required rsync-2.4.6 newest version of bind?

Sys: RedHat
Knl: 2.2.14
bind: 8.2.3

W.B.R., Evgeny Frolenkov

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