forced copying of non readable file

Michael P. Carel mikecarel at
Tue Nov 13 19:18:05 EST 2001

Hi Tridge,

Sorry for mailing directly cause i have'nt receive any responses from my
previous questions from your mailing list. Im' just new with rsync, and
trying to evaluate it before fully using it for implementation for
mirrroring our mail server. Some of my question from my previous mail are
now solved. the last question that i left here before fully implement my
mirror is regarding the copying of non readable file in the server. You have
an option "ignore nonreadable" that used to bypass unreadable file an dnt
show any error message to that. But what if that file is important and
should be copied for mirroring . In short can rsync be able to forced
nonreadable file or folder to be copied in a remote mirror server or a
backup server?
I've been encountering this such problem in mirrong using rsync their are
some important files and folder that cannot be transferred and issueing an
error "Permmission Denied". Some files that cannot be read are
shadow,passwd, .bash_profile and alot more which shoulb be also included for


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