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jawed abbasi jabbasi at
Sun Nov 11 17:28:02 EST 2001


  I am using rsync in our corporate test environment
on a frame relay WAN.

I have seen people talking about rsyncing 2 machines, 
from one dir like

 pcjamVoo$ rsync *dat pcTuj:/jaw/prm/

where pcTuj is server running rsync daemon and
pcjamVoo is client.

But nobody has talked about rsyncing Multiple muchine
from different directories to the same Machine like
I have 5 servers runnig on customer sites:
All thoses are running rsync clients and I have backup
server in my head office,where I want mirror all these
5 machines.
All those 5 machines have 3 directories data perm etc
which I want to backup.

Now do I need rsync.conf to configured for all these
   What is the possible way I can do this?
I will really appreciate if someone can guide me with
hints or atleast rdirect me to place where I can find
some info.

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