win2k + >2GB files problem

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There's what's probably your problem.  Writing to a daemon is not well 
supported.  Dave, Martin, Wayne, Tridge::: that's still true, isn't it?

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Thank you all for the replies. I'm using 2.4 stock of kernels of course,
and I don't use rsh or cygwin on the win2k side, only the compiled
rsync.exe and a cygwin1.dll copied into the rsync directory.

Also, rsync works between any Linux boxes with any size of files, so I
suppose the Linux side must be OK.

I don't use rsh; I tried (mostly) to use the rsync client on the w2k
side w/ rsync --daemon running on the linux.

(I have also tried to start the rsync daemon on the win2k box but had
problems with giving paths and so I gave up doing that.)

rsync'ing locally on the win2k does not work either. ;-(

any more ideas?


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