rsync over different ssh port

JD Paul jdpaul at
Tue Nov 6 11:23:12 EST 2001

Make a script; call it 'sshp' for this example:

% cat sshp
exec ssh -p 8022 "$*"

and then run

rsync -av -e sshp <source> <dest>

Such a wrapper script is useful for including other options (-x, -a,
-o 'BatchMode yes', etc.). 

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On Mon, 5 Nov 2001, Ron McKown wrote:

> hey folks,
> rsync is a great tool!  i use it mostly to sync up Documents between several 
> machines.  i use it like this:
> rsync --progress -vrae ssh /home/bill/Graphics/ 
> bill at vortex:/home/rmckown/Graphics/
> the problem i have, is i want to specifiy a specific ssh port other than 22.
> i want to connect to a specific ssh server behind the firewall on the remote 
> end.  
> it would be nice to use the command like this:
> rsync --progress -vrae ssh -p8022 /home/bill/Graphics/ 
> bill at vortex:/home/bill/Graphics/
> anyone have any ideas?
> Ron McKown
> rmckown at

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