rsync hang w/ linux, openssh, latest rsync

Dave Wreski dave at
Fri Nov 2 03:47:15 EST 2001

> We have had situations where -v appeared to cause a hang, although I thought
> those had been fixed.  Try without that.

No difference.

> Try with trial & error to eliminate particular files.  I once found a
> single 80 byte file that could hang rcp every time, we assumed because
> of some buggy network element.

I'm not sure how to do that since there are so many files in the
directory. strace shows me both sides are stuck in a select() and the
sendq and recvq are seemingly empty according to netstat.

I did find this when using --dry-run:

# rsync --dry-run -avve 'ssh ... -i ..' remote:/path/ /mnt/backup
Invalid file index 1541696587 in recv_files (count=2062)
unexpected EOF in read_timeout

What is an invalid file index? I looked at the the that appeared to
logically come next in the list, even added it to an exclude list, and no

> OpenSSH 2.3 is rather old, although I'm not aware of any hanging
> problems in it.  Which Linux kernel?  There have been TCP bugs in
> Linux fixed in more recent releases.

It's 2.2.19-ac7 or so and has worked for months without incident, until


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