Anti hang comments

John Leach bbosware at
Tue Jul 24 23:23:37 EST 2001

Some feedback. I'd been having trouble with rsync hanging or early EOF
Problem occurred on 2 identical receiving machines.
I upgraded from Linux kernel 2.4.2 (RH 7.1) to 2.4.7 on the receiving
machines. Sender machines are standard Linux RH 6.1 and RH 6.2 kernel..
Receiving machines are Duron 900Mhz 256 Mb software-raid1 ext2 2x40Gb.
This improved the situation but still gave problems.
Then I downloaded the latest rsync cvs and compiled on both machines and
it's now working perfectly.
Around 10Gb of data to sync.
I tried many permutations of raid/non-raid, kernel 2.4.2/2.4.7 and rsync
versions over many days and believe that both the kernel upgrade and the
latest rsync cvs were necessary.
John Leach

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