compile errors with rsync 2.5.0 for RedHat linux 7.1 alpha

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Dec 18 12:39:13 EST 2001

On 17 Dec 2001, Dave Dykstra <dwd at> wrote:

> Apparently nobody else is having a problem with that.  Can you please try
> the latest source under the "preview" directory to see if it still has the
> problem?  If so, you'll probably need to debug it yourself and submit a
> patch because nobody has quite your configuration.  There are a lot of
> machines that are set up to automatically build the latest rsync sources
> every day, but I don't see your exact type listed.  See

Jeff Garzik reported the same problem on Mandrake, and it is now fixed
in CVS.  (We were calling AC_CHECK_FUNC rather than AC_CHECK_FUNCS,
which is *obviously* completely different :-)

Anyhow, Friedrisch you can either update from CVS or the unpacked
source tree, or just manually insert

#define HAVE_INET_NTOP 1
#define HAVE_INET_PTON 1

into config.h after running ./configure.

Let us know.


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