--size-only ?

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Tue Dec 18 11:56:56 EST 2001

On 17 Dec 2001, "Kapoor, Nishikant X" <Nishikant.X.Kapoor at xcelenergy.com> wrote:

> Excuse me for my ignorance but is this flag referring to the files with
> same filename on source and destination ? If the destination file has
> the same size as that of one on source but a different name, would it
> still skip it ?

At the moment rsync only compares files having the same path relative
to whatever base directory, unless you specifically nominate exactly
two files.

> I need to skip a file if the file on destination has the same name and
> same size as that of source.

How would it know which file is the relevant one?

If the changes are systematic, you might be able to run a pre or
post-processing script to move the files to the same name, then do the

Alternatively, have your script run rsync only on the files that need
to be transferred.


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