--size-only ?

Kapoor, Nishikant X Nishikant.X.Kapoor at xcelenergy.com
Tue Dec 18 04:07:08 EST 2001

-I, --size-only
               Normally rsync will skip any files that are already the
               same length and have the same time-stamp. With the --
               size-only option files will be skipped if they have the
               same size, regardless of timestamp. This is useful when
               starting to use rsync after using another mirroring
               system which may not preserve timestamps exactly.

Excuse me for my ignorance but is this flag referring to the files with
same filename on source and destination ? If the destination file has
the same size as that of one on source but a different name, would it
still skip it ?

I need to skip a file if the file on destination has the same name and
same size as that of source.


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