CVS update: rsync

Martin Pool mbp at
Mon Dec 17 11:15:27 EST 2001

On 14 Dec 2001, dwd at wrote:

> open_socket_in was attempting to try all the protocols returned from
> getaddrinfo(), but only if a corresponding call to socket() returned one of
> three *NOSUPPORT errno codes.  A Redhat 6.2 system was observed returning
> EINVAL instead so it never went on to try IPv4.  This update adds EINVAL to
> the list.  Question: why not always continue through the list regardless of
> what errno is?

Good question.  In fact, I see to remember some IPv6 documentation
suggesting just that, in case e.g. a host is unreachable over one
protocol.  I guess that wouldn't happen in socket(), but it's probably
generally good.


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