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Joe:  I'm guessing you're doing the external transport thing:  'rsync 
-options /path/to/whatever remotehost:/path/to/where/you/want/whatever'
In that form, it relies on host-based authentication... rsh, rlogin sort 
of thing.  if you can't 'rsh remotehost rsync --version', you can't use 
the rsh external transport.
If you have ssh available, you can add '-e ssh', which will have rsync use 
ssh instead of rsh.
If you've set up a rsyncd server, make sure you're using the '::' syntax, 
else your client will try rsh again.

man rsh
man hosts.equiv
man rhosts (may be same as hosts.equiv... ymmv)
man ssh
man rsyncd.conf
man rsync?

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I'm just starting out with rsync and having the following problems:  I'm
getting autorization errors when I try to fire up a transfer between two
e250's.  I would like to basically mirror users between two systems.

I've used the basic format that has been stipulated in the doc's still
having problems

Joe Despres
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