definite data corruption in 2.5.0 with -z option

David Bolen db3l at
Thu Dec 13 14:16:19 EST 2001

rsync at [rsync at] writes:

> After I sent my note, I ran some more experiments and found the
> problem goes away if I use the default checksum blocksize. So the
> problem occurs *only* if I use a large blocksize (65536) *and* enable
> compression.

Should have read ahead - this is probably the problem I was recalling
in my last reply.  There was some reason I tended to keep my variable
block sizes that my scripts were picking <= 32K or so.

If that's it, then I doubt it's the "bit length overflow" issue since
I was running into this back with a modified 2.4.3.

-- David

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