file permissions - the best way?

Dan Gardner Dan.Gardner at
Wed Dec 12 22:12:46 EST 2001

I'm interested in the *best* way to set particular permissions on the
machine I am rsync'ing content to.

These are the specifics of our setup:
1	client pushes to remote
2	remote machine = AIX running rsync daemon as chroot
3	client machine = NT running CYGWIN
4	directory tree on client has many files/directories with many
differnt permissions/owners etc.
5	We wish ALL the files/directories to be put on the remote machine
with particular permissions/owner (The same permissions and owner for

We currently do this with an "rsync -rt ..." then chmod as a cron job to set
the correct permissions  "775".

Any ideas on how to eliminate the cron/chmod job would be very welcome,
thanks for your time.

Dan Gardner
Producer MCN online

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