How Does Rsync Behave ?

Chao,Eisen R. Eisen.Chao at
Sat Dec 8 08:16:17 EST 2001

Hi All:

I am going thru the documentation and I noticed that there is some talk
returning error codes. Some Q:s

* If rsync encounters a network error, does it do retries ?
  Can you control the # of retries ?

*  Do the rsync client & server stop running upon encountering an error ?
   Can you tell rsync to stop upon the first error encountered ?

* If the remote rsync encounters an error that is local, say a disk I/O
  does this error get eventually sent back to the client ? If so, can you
  encapsulate rsync inside of a shell script to react different ways
  upon the returned result code from the remote copy of rsync ?


Eisen Chao
CNA Insurance

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