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I think that what Juan means is that when you rsync from one system where 
the archive bit is unset, to another place, these files, which were 
archive=0 on their source, are new creations on the target system, and 
have the archive bit set.  Rsync has no provision to preserve these 
attributes, as there's really no unix attribute corresponding to the dos 
archive attribute.  I'm guessing that system isn't preserved, either, and 
i wonder what the handling of read-only and hidden would be... is readonly 
equivalent to ugo-w, and is hidden ugo-r?  The unix attribute for hidden 
is to start the filename with a dot.  I would expect the dos attributes to 
just be ignored, and a readonly, system, hidden, readonly file from one 
system would arrive at another system as a non-system, readwrite, visible 
file, with the archive attribute set.
Incidentally, since it's netware-to-netware, what about NCP?  I don't know 
much about it, but i understand that it transfers the underlying netware 
information instead of going through all the filesystem layers... very 
fast, and i think it can go system-to-system within a netware domain. Does 
it still even exist post 3.12?

> > On  5 Dec 2001, "Juan J. L?pez" <juan at> wrote:
> > > Dave:
> > > 
> > >            With "archive bit" I mean a MS-DOS file attribute (like 
> > > only", "system" or "hidden").  When the "archive" attribute of a
> > > file is set, that file is presumed to be changed after the last
> > > backup and then must be copied again. The backup aplication 

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