Netware modify bit changed

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Thu Dec 6 14:52:31 EST 2001

On 5 Dec 2001 at 15:02, Martin Pool wrote:

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> On  5 Dec 2001, "Juan J. L?pez" <juan at> wrote:
> > Dave:
> > 
> > 	With "archive bit" I mean a MS-DOS file attribute (like "read
> > only", "system" or "hidden").  When the "archive" attribute of a
> > file is set, that file is presumed to be changed after the last
> > backup and then must be copied again. The backup aplication 
> > the "archive" attribute when copy a file. On the other hand, the
> > operating system (DOS, Windows, etc) set it when the file is
> > modified.  Why rsync set this attribute on the copy, even when the
> > original file is unchanged?
> So the desired behaviour is that rsync should make the archive bit
> have the same setting on the destination as on the source, or that it
> should always clear it?
> At the moment rsync is completely unaware of the A bit, so it will get
> the default OS behaviour which is probably to set the bit on newly
> modified files.
> If anybody who cares about this writes a reasonably clean patch to
> implement it then I guess it would be considered.  
> I think Samba can optionally map the A bit to the Unix x bit.  
> you could try that.

	Rsync don't need to worry about the A bit, IMHO. The A bits on 
files of the destination directory are set when rsync make the file-
comparison with the source files. May be rsync open the files in 
"write" mode, instead of "read-only" mode, even when the file don't 
need to be transfered from the source (it's identical to original). In 
consequence, the OS sets the A bit.

My conf:

#ncpmount -S netware_server -U netware-user -P netware-pass -V 
SYS /novell
#rsync -zau --password-file /etc/rsync.passwd backup at source-
linux::disk-f/source-dir/* /novell/destination-dir


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