Netware modify bit changed

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Dec 5 15:02:34 EST 2001

On  5 Dec 2001, "Juan J. L?pez" <juan at> wrote:
> Dave:
> 	With "archive bit" I mean a MS-DOS file attribute (like "read
> only", "system" or "hidden").  When the "archive" attribute of a
> file is set, that file is presumed to be changed after the last
> backup and then must be copied again. The backup aplication reset
> the "archive" attribute when copy a file. On the other hand, the
> operating system (DOS, Windows, etc) set it when the file is
> modified.  Why rsync set this attribute on the copy, even when the
> original file is unchanged?

So the desired behaviour is that rsync should make the archive bit
have the same setting on the destination as on the source, or that it
should always clear it?

At the moment rsync is completely unaware of the A bit, so it will get
the default OS behaviour which is probably to set the bit on newly
modified files.

If anybody who cares about this writes a reasonably clean patch to
implement it then I guess it would be considered.  

I think Samba can optionally map the A bit to the Unix x bit.  Perhaps
you could try that.


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