using rsync with Mac OS X

David Feldman dfeldman at
Wed Dec 5 05:45:26 EST 2001

Rsync looks like a good tool for keeping files synchronized between two 
computers, such as a desktop and laptop.  However, Mac OS uses a forked 
file system, with the second fork storing data critical to some files 
(such as applications) as well as type and creator information matching 
files up with the appropriate apps and file types.

Mac OS X comes with a command-line utility called ditto that can copy 
files while preserving the second fork's information.  There's also a C 
function to do the same thing.  So my questions are:

1. Would it be possible (and how difficult?) to either use or modify 
rsync such that it used ditto or the relevant C call?

2. Would it be worth it over writing a simple app or script that runs on 
one machine?  rsync would lose the ability to copy only the differences 
between files, and would only retain whatever advantages running on both 
machines gives it.


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