Why does one of there work and the other doesn't

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Mon Dec 3 00:09:16 EST 2001

On 30 Nov 2001, Randy Kramer <rhkramer at fast.net> wrote:

> I am not sure which end the 100 bytes per file applies to, and I guess
> that is the RAM memory footprint?.  Does rsync need 100 bytes for each
> file that might be transferred during a session (all files in the
> specified directory(ies)), or does it need only 100 bytes as it does one
> file at a time?

At the moment that is 100B for all files to be transferred in the
whole session.  This is a big limit to scalability at the moment, and
a goal of mine is to reduce it to at most holding file information
from a single directory in memory.


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