linking rsync-2.5.0 to

Martin Pool mbp at
Sun Dec 2 16:24:53 EST 2001

On  1 Dec 2001, Phil Howard <phil-rsync at> wrote:

> Any other suggestions for reducing the size?  It's gone beyond 500K
> already, and I'm trying to get this thing into a floppy rescue system.

Make sure it's dynamically linked to lpopt and getaddrinfo, then strip
it.  That makes it just 160k for me on Debian/x86, and 170k with popt
included, which may actually be smaller if you don't have anything
else on there that uses popt.  You can try

  CFLAGS=-Os ./configure

to optimize for space, but on my machine that makes little difference.
You could also try gzexe, or cramfs.  

If you want, you could try adding a --without-zlib configure option to
squish it a bit more -- this could be useful if you're planning to
rely on ssh's compression, at the expensive of breaking
interoperability.  You could also produce a cut-down client-only
version that doesn't understand --daemon.


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