include/exclude ?

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rsync doesn't do the odd wildcard syntax you show there... you'll have to 
do --include=an* --include=mp* --include=ERR*

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Could someone please help me resolve this:

[admx:test] $ ls
ERR01  ah01   ah02   an01   an02   mp01   mp02

[admx:test] $ ls {an,mp,ERR}*
ERR01  an01   an02   mp01   mp02

I want to rsync only the "{an,mp,ERR}*" files across using the following
command but do not see the expected results.

[admx:test] $ rsync -va --exclude="*" --include="{an,mp,ERR}*" ./*
building file list ... done
wrote 67 bytes  read 337 bytes  269.33 bytes/sec
total size is 0  speedup is 0.00

I am running 'rsync version 2.3.1  protocol version 20' on a IBM
RS6000/F50 running AIX 4.3.1 on both sides.


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