rsync 2.4.6 on Aix 4.3.3 ERROR: out of memory in make_file

Jerry Queirolo jerryq at
Sat Aug 25 04:37:30 EST 2001


Quick history... we have a server that catches build trees from a remote 
site (several GB/day).  I have a replacement server set to take over for 
the older one.  I initially copied all the data from the old server to the 
new server (TB).  The copy took better than a week.  Since the initial 
copy, I've been rsync'ing to keep the new server from becoming stale. 
Because our build trees are quite large (and have quite a large number of 
files and links), I'm unable to rsync at the level I'd like to.  When I 
try, I receive the subject message.  I see in 'top' that rsync runs up 
about 150MB in memory usage prior to the msg.  The machine running rsync 
has 2G ram, and is lightly loaded. 

My source server has "/top/release/platform/build"  where /top is the 
filesystem, release is ver1, ver2, ver3...vern, platform is aix, nt, 
sun..., build is 010824, 010823...;  I'd like to rsync at the release 
level, but run out of memory.  Currently, I have a script that traverses 
into the release/platform directory and rsync -a.  It works, but I get 
accumulation because the --delete option at the "release/" level also 
exits with the out of memory.

If 2.4.7pre has anything in it that would help handle large numbers of 
files/links, I can try that...

Thanks in Advance,
Jerry Queirolo <jerryq at>

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