2G Maximum file size?

Martin Pool mbp at valinux.com
Thu Aug 23 15:28:20 EST 2001

On 23 Aug 2001, "Wilson, Mark - MST" <Mark.Wilson2 at airnz.co.nz> wrote:
> I have just tried to rsync a file of 2147500032 bytes (2.0000152587Gb) and
> got the following error:
>    rsync -Wvaz /db/edwp/temp/edwp_temp_09.dbf klingon::Dest/db/edwp/temp/
>    building file list ... link_stat /db/edwp/temp/edwp_temp_09.dbf : Value
> too large for defined data type
>    done
>    wrote 81 bytes  read 40 bytes  80.67 bytes/sec
>    total size is 0  speedup is 0.00
> Source and destination systems are running Solaris 2.6.
> Does this mean that rsync has a maximum file size of 2Gb on Solaris? 
> If so is there a work around? Any help gratefully accepted.

If possible it would be good to try rsync-2.4.7pre1 or (better) the
CVS version.  It's meant to detect and use 64-bit files properly on
all platforms and we would like to confirm or disprove this.

Otherwise try looking in config.h for settings related to large files.
Please tell us what the detected settings were, and perhaps try
overriding them by hand-editing config.h.

> Air New Zealand

I flew NZ to the states last time, and it was pretty pleasant.
Especially the epple juice ;-)


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