rsync without reverse dns lookup

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Aug 15 13:03:23 EST 2001

On 14 Aug 2001, Clemens Gesell <cgesell at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I set up an script witch connects my rsyncd server. But the IPs for
> rsyncd Server and Client have no DNS Name, and so rsync trys to lookup
> for a DNS Name for this IPs. This causes a long DNS Timeout!
> My question: is there a commandline option to disable this "feature"? Or
> can you give me quick "hack around"?

2.4.7pre1 fixes (or is meant to) fix part of this problem: the server
no longer tries to resolve its own address.  Otherwise, as the other
correspondent suggested, you should add a DNS entry or entry in
/etc/hosts.  If this does not work it's a bug.

Happy hacking,

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