Connection refused for rsync

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Aug 15 13:01:08 EST 2001

On 14 Aug 2001, "Guangzu Wang (Houston)" <Guangzu.Wang at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just installed rsync 2.4.6 on my RH Linux 7.1 box, I then set up ssh. I
> can use ssh to connect to my remote machine but not with rsync, I get
> connection refused message. I try both  rsync myservername:: and a script
> from the rsync website(
> <> ). Any body has clue?  Another
> thing is I followed some procedures to set up remote and local machine.
> However, I can only ssh from local to remote but got connection refused
> message in other way even with ssh.

You need to use only a single colon in the path if you want to run
over SSH.  :: is for tcp/873 connections.

Happy hacking,

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