open issue regarding local copies and -W

Dave Dykstra dwd at
Wed Aug 15 00:49:47 EST 2001


I want to remind you that there's still an open issue regarding copies when
both source and destination are on the local machine (including over NFS):
I put a patch into the CVS to automatically imply the '-W' option in that
case, and somebody said he was concerned about that because he found that
with -W on local copies he had cases where rsync would lock up, and it
wouldn't without -W (I presume because -W artificially slows it down).
Should there be an option to turn -W back off, overriding that new default
(or should the new default be taken back out)?  There are a few other
options that would be nice to be able to negate (--blocking-io comes to
mind), maybe there should be a consistent way of specifying them.  Should
the bug that causes lockup with -W be investigated (or has it already been
fixed with the Wayne Davison patches)?

- Dave Dykstra

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