Rsync and WinNT

Burton John R Contr OC-ALC/TILC John.Burton at
Fri Aug 10 06:49:39 EST 2001

I've been using rsync in a linux environment for some time, but I'm trying
to grow my NT 4.0 environment to utilize rsync's features to keep a folder
on one NTServer (with IIS) sync'd with one on the other side of a firewall.

My issue is that I can't seem to get rsync v2.4.5 to load as a daemon.  

I've followed the hints in Mike McHenry's paper to no avail.  I can run
rsync as a daemon from the command line, but not as a service.  I'm fairly
certain the troubles lie in the registry entries, but ....


Thanks !!!


John Burton
Systems Engineer
OC-ALC/TILC (Engine Systems Branch)

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