rsync 2.4.7pre1 hangs?

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Aug 8 13:39:34 EST 2001

I think this version still hangs when doing a large (2GB) local
transfer.  If anybody else can confirm or deny this that would be
great.  C-c and restart fixes it.

I will look at Wayne's alternative to tridge's patch to see if that
fixes it.

Also, my attempt to standardize socklen_t seems to have broken UNICOS
and HP/UX.  Albert gave a good suggestion to fix that which I will try
out this afternoon.

The Samba build farm is proving very valuable in preventing that type
of crash.  If you have an unusual machine architecture or operating
system, including old versions, then you can help ensure good Samba
and rsync support by donating cycles to the build farm:


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