merge rsync+ into rsync (was Re: rsync-2.4.7 NEWS file)

Martin Pool mbp at
Mon Aug 6 18:03:42 EST 2001

> Just curious: what about the rsync+ patch?

Thanks for the reminder.

I've just committed Jos's rsync+ patch onto the
"branch_mbp_rsyncplus_merge" branch.  If it works OK and nobody
screams I will move it across onto the main tree tomorrow or

I see the patch doesn't add documentation about the new options to the
man page, so we should fix that in the future.

I also looked at the diff from which seems to be based
on an older version of rsync and so generates a pretty noisy diff.
Perhaps Bert and Debra could look at the diff below and check that
it's not missing anything they think should go in.


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