rsync-2.4.7 NEWS file

Wayne Davison wayned at
Mon Aug 6 17:25:07 EST 2001

On Mon, 6 Aug 2001, Martin Pool wrote:
> Please let me know if anything is missing/inaccurate.

One thing that is missing is my EOF patch.  Tridge apparently committed
a much simpler fix for this problem that will make the new rsync client
and daemon incompatible with older versions.  I.e. an old rsync client
connecting with a new rsync daemon would get the "@RSYNC EXIT" text
output as part of the module listing, and a new rsync client accessing
an older rsync server would still get the bogus EOF error at the end of
the module listing.  I suggest backing out the current @RSYNC EXIT
changes, and applying this patch instead:

I have just recently tweaked it to change the "@RSYNC EOF" message that
I had invented into the "@RSYNC EXIT" message that is in the current CVS.

> At this stage I'm planning to release two 2.4.7pre tarballs, one with
> the "large nohang patch" and one without.  Some people inside VA will
> be stress-testing both, and so we can see which one works out best.
> It seems like most reports on this list like the patch, but I think
> tridge is still concerned that it will cause too much memory
> allocation.

Which version are you planning to use?  The one I created most recently
has a fixed allocation size (1 byte per file in the transfer list):

The older patch has a little simpler logic, but it uses a potentially
expanding buffer:

Also, I've never gotten any feedback on my move-files patch, so I assume
the plan is to just leave it out for now?


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