Rsync not doing its job.

Erick Perez - Network Administrator eperez at
Thu Aug 31 04:42:22 EST 2000

I ran the script with the -c option. The message was that that file is up
to date.
I will check the other computer and see if the users are loading the
proper file (there are two with the same name but in different
One last thing, i do NOT need to be running rsync in daemon mode in any of
the computers, right?

Thanks for your help,

On Thu, 30 Aug 2001, Dave Dykstra wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 06:23:49AM -0500, Erick Perez - Network Administrator wrote:
> > thanks, i already corrected the sendmail entry.
> > No, i am not using -n
> >
> > Also, is there any indication when rsync will tell me that a file is
> > "uptodate"...
> If you use the -t preserve timestamps option, if the timestamps still match
> the next time it will completely skip it and not print out the file.  Even
> if the contents match it will print out the filename.  To avoid that you
> could have it first do a checksum on the contents with the -c option but
> keep in mind that does an extra complete pass through the whole file on
> both ends and usually it is not worth it.
> - Dave Dykstra

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