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Fri Sep 9 19:39:36 UTC 2022

The annotated tag, v3.2.6 has been created
        at  40695f1e31d29e5d715d986a53cdad1fe0ce0210 (tag)
   tagging  db5bfe67a5d022f9ad25340db6bc2cca2cbbdb65 (commit)
  replaces  v3.2.5
 tagged by  Wayne Davison
        on  Fri Sep 9 12:23:44 2022 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Version 3.2.6.


Samuel Henrique (1):
      Fix typos on manpage (#358)

Wayne Davison (27):
      We must use the CSUM_CHUNK size in the non-openssl MD4 code.
      Allow ~/remote/./path with -R if the path has /./ in it.
      Do more path cleaning in add_implied_include(); make u.slash_cnt more accurate.
      Start 3.2.6dev going.
      Only run git describe if .git exists in the $srcdir.
      Remove useless comment.
      Another mkgitver tweak & mention it in NEWS.
      Fix issue when the files-from list isn't nl terminated.
      Change name_num_obj struct to use a name_num_item pointer.
      Stop enabling -pedantic-errors.
      Remove unneeded var.
      Mention `copy-devices`.
      Make sure that the configure.sh script is up-to-date in a release.
      Mention the latest changes.
      Add safety check for local --remove-source-files.
      More NEWS tweaks.
      Rename `--protect-args` to `--secluded-args`.
      Fix split limits.
      Fix a link.
      Another spelling fix.
      Fix an unreleased bug handling a leading dot.
      Mention that copying to a case-ignoring filesystem can be problematical.
      Tweak a couple links.
      Improve the daemon info a bit.
      A few more minor tweaks.
      Mention a potential bash security issue with openssh forced commands.
      Preparing for release of 3.2.6


The rsync repository.

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