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Fri Apr 15 21:03:03 UTC 2022

The annotated tag, v3.2.4pre4 has been created
        at  5f6f11d2bb4da2ea787d9a428613e01b04bb6033 (tag)
   tagging  d821e4cbfbc66848cdf91a336af26fdb89dd9a8f (commit)
  replaces  v3.2.4pre3
 tagged by  Wayne Davison
        on  Sun Mar 27 15:00:06 2022 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Version 3.2.4pre4.


Sam Mikes (2):
      Fix wording in RSYNC_PORT section (#293)
      Extract unlink_and_reopen from copy_file (#294)

Wayne Davison (16):
      Specify the rsync that lsh.sh should run. [buildall]
      Add a couple more `--rsync-path` opts to the test. [buildall]
      Add a CAUTION message to --debug=FILTER for trailing whitespace.
      Build Cygwin on windows-2022 with newer python. [buildall]
      Change usage (--version) output to note when ASM isn't really being used.
      Make asm use more selectable
      Test newer FreeBSD.
      Use ac_includes_default in largefile support test.
      Add FALLTHROUGH comment.
      Also ignore a root-level rrsync file.
      Some word fixes.
      Rename compare-dest test.
      Combine some alt-dest tests.
      Some `--write-device` fixes.
      Add new & improved `--copy-devices` option.
      Preparing for release of 3.2.4pre4


The rsync repository.

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