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Sun Apr 3 19:03:14 MDT 2011

The annotated tag, v3.0.8pre1 has been created
        at  10244fa801d89221a0f1002d4dc32c18820593aa (tag)
   tagging  8750f64ec7893c263b51e538895af3092bce9f4c (commit)
  replaces  v3.0.7
 tagged by  Wayne Davison
        on  Tue Feb 22 11:06:05 2011 -0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Version 3.0.8pre1.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Matt McCutchen (6):
      Rename configure.in to configure.ac, the current autoconf standard.
      Amplify the man page description of --hard-links (see bug 3693), and
      Man page description of --xattrs should not assume a push.
      In "ignoring unsafe symlink" messages, show only the file-list path.
      Fix erroneous "--fake-user" in the rsyncd.conf(5) man page.
      Document the "copy-some-dirlinks" trick in the man page.

Wayne Davison (74):
      Fix directory-length overflow bug (7057).
      Removing now-redundant path-size check from send_if_directory().
      Fix daemon-filter crash issue (bug 7489).
      Make sure that the code doesn't try to use an illegal key.
      Make sure our use of idev_find() hashtable is right
      Turn some asserts into descriptive errors.
      Write out the right compat_flags value into the batch file.
      Update support/rrsync and some packaging/* scripts.
      Fixed inconsistencies reported by packaging/var-checker.
      Setup for 3.0.8dev.
      Make an empty-string dest-dir the same as "." again.
      Mention 2010 in the main copyright.
      Reject passing an arg to an option that doesn't take one (bug 6915).
      More manpage improvements.
      Get rid of trailing whitespace.
      Fix a typo that Andrea Gelmini pointed out.
      Fix a couple socketpair_tcp() issues (see bug 7514).
      Fix compression-ignoring of upper-case suffixes.
      Refer to the right lsetxattr() caller in a error message.
      Mention latest changes.
      If a module has no path setting, return an error.
      More NEWS.
      Mention what -XX (repeated --xattrs) does.
      Always use lchmod() if it is available.
      A couple more NEWS items.
      Remove duplication for -x option.
      Mention need of wildcard support in make.
      Avoid infinite loop if the file's length is negative.
      Fix rsync_xal_set reference in an error.
      If we create an off_t type, define SIZEOF_OFF_T.
      Some quoting fixes/improvements.
      Fix crash when --backup-dir is excessively long.
      Improve description of --chmod example.
      Mention seek effect of an unmoved --inplace chunk.
      Optimize --inplace chunck search to avoid a non-aligned search.
      Tweak some apostrophes to make editor highlighting less problematic.
      Protect a remote filename that starts with a dash.
      Tweak the year.
      Use full_fname() for system error messages.
      Itemize xattrs of a missing dir from an alt-dest dir.
      Report all socket connection errors if we fail.
      Avoid directory permission issues with --fake-super.
      Make xattrs.test more like the master version.
      Mention the latest changes.
      Avoid reading ACL/xattr info on filetypes not being copied.
      Mention that sorting the --files-from input is helpful.
      Avoid splitting a multi-byte character when trimming a name.
      Some fixes and improvements from the master branch.
      Make sure an alternate --inplace sum has the right length
      Optimize finding the sum that matches our --inplace position.
      Fix a random flist data bug w/delete, inc-recurse, and no -o.
      Move FLAG_DEL_NEEDS_UID into the "not stored" section.
      Switch over to Matt's idea of using FLAG_OWNED_BY_US.
      Add .hg dir exclude to default_cvsignore list.
      Suggest a better solution for a make without wildcard support.
      Some manpage enhancements.
      Added more missing NEWS items.
      Put file descriptor arg at the start of the arg list for consistency.
      Pass "new_mode" to set_acl() and change its return values.
      Better mask handling, including some changes to help solaris.
      Make case_N.h more generic.
      Integrate time-setting fixes/improvements from the master branch.
      Use ftruncate() at the end of a --sparse file.
      Fix issues with unchanged_attrs() for symlinks.
      Be clear on which part(s) of testsuite's checkit() failed.
      A few more xattr-support fixes from the master branch.
      Mention latest changes.
      Fix test 5's failure message.
      Fix issue with devices-fake test.
      Fix --force with --one-file-system w/o --delete.
      Allow a failure of EINVAL to mean no ACLs are available.
      Some uid/gid fixes for (id_t)-1.
      Mention even more fixes.
      Preparing for release of 3.0.8pre1


The rsync repository.

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