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Wayne Davison wayned at
Fri Nov 24 08:38:44 GMT 2006

Date:	Fri Nov 24 08:38:44 2006
Author:	wayned

Update of /data/cvs/rsync
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- Fixed a bug when sending a negative 64-bit number (which may not
  be needed, but it at least works right now).
- Improved the transmission of 32-bit negative numbers on systems
  where the 32-bit type is larger than 32 bits.
- Changed the sending of 64-bit numbers for protocol 30:  we send
  them in MSB-first order with the number of bytes used in the
  transmission encoded into the earliest bits.  This lets us save
  transmitted bytes for both small and large numbers.  The new
  method sends from 3 to 9 bytes, the old sent either 4 or 12.

io.c		1.201 => 1.202

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